Friday, December 14, 2012

The Christmas Tour

Well, I seem to have skipped from Halloween directly to Christmas without a stop for Thanksgiving! But believe me---Thanksgiving did take place! I cleaned and cooked and cooked and cleaned in preparation. Nothing like the threat of company to get my cleaning act in gear! LOL!

I've been busy painting things for my Etsy shop if you'd like to take a look. And I took part in a holiday bazaar in November. Don't remember if I mentioned that in my last post or not. 

So, with Thanksgiving and November slipping past, it became time to decorate for Christmas. I have a "few" Christmas decorations!  More like a few HUNDRED!!  Believe it or not, by looking at the following pictures, I didn't get a lot of it out this year! My husband has a huge collection of mechanical Santas---old and new, that usually make their appearance. But so far, he's saying he isn't into it this year!  So only the really old and sentimental ones made the cut.
 There was a time a few (quite a few!) years ago that I was into carving. All the santas, well, except for the egg shaped one and the one on the reindeer, are hand carved. I love doing it, but it's been so long I don't even know for sure where my carving tools are. That was something I wanted to do when I retired and "had more time"! HA!  Haven't noticed there being more time to be had!
 The basket is an old one that some little old lady made from Christmas cards, crocheting them together. I love it. I've got old Christmas tree ball ornaments in it.
 And here are some more old ornaments on a "tree" stand.
 And on the right side of this photo you can see more on another metal "tree".  Also here on the buffet are the few old Santas that made the cut. The one in back on the right belonged to my husband's Grandmother. The others have been rescued from various thrift shops or yard sales or antique shops! The Santa "sack" on the buffet shelf is a ceramic one I did during my "ceramic period"! LOL!

 Coming up below are pictures of my cardboard "putz" houses. I have a few!  This collection started with three that belonged to my parents. It's all their fault!
 Sometimes I spend a lot of time stringing lights to put in each one and carefully hiding the wires under batting "snow". This time the electricity is out in this village!  The electric company is on strike!
 My husband is a bit of a train freak, so you'll see there's a little train in the village. So far that's the only one he's brought out, but I have no doubt there'll be another one or two before it's over!
 I should have gotten a close up, because he's also a motorcycle freak. There are several mini motorcycles parked in front of various houses. Maybe if you click on some pictures to enlarge, you'll spot a few.
 I decided last year to try bleaching some bottle brush trees, like I was reading about all over blog land. So, the trees you see in various shades of white are a result of that project.
 And here we see another of my obsessions---pinecone elves and various little vintage santas, elves & angels. One year my daughter commissioned a co-worker of hers to build the house for them to live in.  So, the house is full now---no room at the inn! Do you suppose that will cause me to quit collecting them? Not a chance! LOL!  But I only get them when I find a "deal", which is getting to be more and more rare!

 This unopened package was an eBay find. But I think that's the only time I've gotten any on-line.
 This little girl below, peering in disdain, is the result of a tutorial my daughter and I did a couple of years ago. She's made with a plastic doll face and lots of do-dads! She seems to be thinking "OMG, what are all these little creatures doing in my space?"!
 The Harley Santa below is one of my daughter Tania's creations that she gave to her dad for Christmas a few years ago. He stands next to the Jack-in-the-Box tree. The ornaments on it are antenna balls from - - - you guessed it- - - -Jack-in-the-Box restaurants!

 Another tree because you can never have too many trees in the house!
 It has vintage metal star shaped light reflectors and a few other misc. ornaments.
 Love this house that is an Avon product. I got this for my mom one year and after she passed away, I took possession. It has little lights on the house and tree that change colors and blink, etc. It's fascinating to watch!
The house is protected by guard sheep!
 Here by the front door is my red heel sock reindeer. I made him eons ago and I still love him!  Around the corner, in the nook, is the Xmas arrangement. I change it out for the seasons.
 The light makes it look kind of washed out in the photo, but it's much mellower looking in real life!
 And here is my husband's favorite collection of all time. These guys are nutcrackers. I think he has every one in captivity, cuz we haven't found any for a long time!  They live here all year round but at Christmas he puts Santa hats on all of them! He's obsessed. We couldn't find the hats for a while this year and I thought he was going to go into a deep depression over it! LOL!  But we finally found the box they'd been stored in.
That really isn't everything, but it's enough. I'm sure by now you're convinced that we're obsessed, so we'll let it go. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas or holiday season!

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Little Vintage Cottage said...

It looks beautiful as per usual!! I was just thinking about that Santa I made dad today, good to see he's still around!