Sunday, June 9, 2013

Farm Chicks Report

I'm only a week behind but what else is new? Last Saturday, Tania (daughter), Sydney (Granddaughter), and I went to Spokane to the Farm Chicks junquetique show at the fairgrounds.  We've been going to this every spring for several years. You wouldn't believe all the fabulous junque that's gathered together in one location!  You also wouldn't believe all the people gathered together to look at all the junque! It was a serious MOB!
 Sydney and Tania as we're preparing to enter the building. It's a HUGE building and it was jam packed full---with stuff and with people!
 Shopping---or maybe waiting for a path to clear so they could move!
 Tania grabbed the pillow in another color that was keeping the pink one company!
 Cute! It's an old school desk with the top that opens.
 Great play on words!  And very appropriate. People really do dig stuff out of barns to bring to this show!
 Cute "ceiling" treatment, with bedsprings, umbrellas and ballet shoes.
 Sydney clothes shopping! She also spent some time cowboy boot shopping, but they were just toooo expensive!
 It took me a minute to figure out what this was made from. It's book pages, rolled up and squished together.
 Sydney fell in love with a bunch of old school maps. She decided to continue shopping but we ended up back here, picking out the perfect one.
This cute old wringer washer has been transformed into a fountain!
Below: I love this subway/chalkboard "sign" painted on a wooden ironing board!
I took these pictures for my husband's benefit. Above is the front end of an old car (I think he was able to identify it, but don't remember what it was!) that's been transformed into a bar!  Who dreams these things up?!
And below is just an old car hood amongst other rusty goodness!
The picture below is also for hubby's benefit---or Grandpa's benefit--- as this is his granddaughter posing with the life sized flamingo. Reason being---Grandpa has a collection of flamingos!
   Lots of fun signs in this booth. These are just a few of them. Since Tania has an old trailer she's fixed up, I thought the "home is......" sign was fun.
One of the things Tania had on her list for this shopping trip was an old bench for her dining room table. There were benches of every size, shape, material and condition. We decided this one was an old school bus seat.
Below---Cute, but not long enough 
Cute again, but not sure......we wandered around for a while looking for more what she had in mind. But the more she thought about it, the more she liked it. Of course, the cover will be changed---probably to burlap or drop cloth fabric! And the green frame will probably be changed!  That's all!! LOL!
  This was at the entrance but there were too many people surrounding it when we went in, so I got a shot on the way out. An old Rambler, I think. They always have some interesting, large display in the entry way. Not sure why they chose the car for this year's display???
Hope everyone's having a great weekend---which is quickly winding down!


Little Vintage Cottage said...

It was fun, fun!

Funky Junk Jennifer said...

Hi there, Thank you for including me (with the car Bar) in your post! Sweet Blog! Hope to see you again next year! -Jennifer