Monday, July 29, 2013

Antiques in The Park

Tania and I went to an antique show in a park last Saturday, while we were out yard saling. This is an annual event and we usually find goodies. This time was no different.  I kind of forgot I had my camera with me till we were finishing up, but I did get a few pictures.

This painting on this old rusty painted car door is so similar to an old pick-up hood my husband's brother had painted for him. The wording is different, is all. 
This is ours. (My husband's nickname is Hedders.)

 I've developed an affection for old paint-by-number pictures. These horses were the only ones I saw and they wanted a little more for them than I was willing to part with :-(
 While we're talking horses, isn't this little guy adorable?
 This sign was in a booth called The Pink Tumbleweed. Such a cute name!  But they didn't have a tumbleweed in the whole booth!  Boo!  There's no shortage of them around here, so they kinda dropped the ball by not having one or two sitting around! They had lots of brightly painted furniture and bits and pieces.
 Next door we spotted these painted monkey pod wood bowls. Now, I've painted a LOT of bowls, but I always paint the inside and out because I put a design inside. But this is such a simple idea, I may have to try it. Without painting inside, they could actually be used for salad or nuts or something. I've never seen bowls with the scalloped edge that these have.
 Tania spotted this sign and got a big chuckle out of it!  Wouldn't it be cute at poolside?  The only pool we have is a 5 ft. plastic one for our dog!!  She is a lady, tho!  Maybe she needs a sign! LOL!
 We had been to this booth first thing and purchased several things. Tania got these 4 chairs for a song!  So we left them there while we continued shopping.  Here's Tania picking them up on our way to the truck. The girl's showing her how they fold.  Each one's a different color---too cute!  You can visit Tania's blog to see a better shot of them and see all of her finds.
 I actually bought a couple of things!  Usually she leaves these kind of events with arms full of packages and I'm empty handed.  I got a vintage child's sewing pattern, a wooden tray to paint something on and something else, but I can't remember what the heck it was!! LOL!
A parting shot on our way to the truck and to find more yard sales!