Monday, August 12, 2013

Clayson Farms American Primitives Show

Last Saturday was the annual Clayson Farms American Primitives show outside of Naches, Wa. This is one that Tania and I attend every year---except I think Tania was sick last year and we missed it!  It's held on the beautiful grounds of an old farmstead.  I wonder how long it takes for the grass to recuperate from the pounding it takes from the thousands (or many, many hundreds) of visitors on this one day?!  

Every year we are hopeful that they'll allow a tour of the old house. From peeks thru windows, we can tell it would be an awesome tour!  But so far it hasn't happened. And who can blame them---would you want hundreds of people tromping thru your house?!

Everywhere you turn are intrigueing displays of treasures. 
 Not sure what this guy was doing!  You can be all ready to click and someone will wander into your line of sight. And what makes it more difficult is that the display on a digital camera is practically worthless in the bright sun. It's pretty much a crap shoot, what you'll end up with a picture of! LOL! I think I was going for just an over view of booths.
 This isn't a display, it's a vendor's work area and things people have purchased and left for them to hold while they continue shopping. The tall skinny basket on the left is mine!  YES! I actually bought something!! Tania was in shock---I bought several things before she did! Usually I leave empty handed, or close to it.
 The basket is to hide the huge bag of dog food that now decorates my main bathroom!   It's perfect--skinny enough to not be in the way, tall enough to accommodate the bag, and pleasantly distressed looking!
Below is a long shot of a central booth and lots more that line the perimeter of the yard. All around the edge of the lawn is a stream---probably irrigation run-off. And the landscaping around it is gorgeous. I'm afraid I didn't get a shot of it, except for a couple of photos on down further. I kept slipping my camera back in my purse while shopping and forgetting to get it back out!

 The vendor below was at the antique show we went to in Richland a couple of weeks ago. There were a couple of things I recognized, but mainly this interesting bucket with legs!  Don't think I've ever seen a bucket with legs! LOL!
 This is a shot of a marsh surrounding the stream that runs all around and thru the grounds. The greenery is so tall you can hardly tell there's water in the center. And If you click on the photo, you can glimpse a duck floating toward the back.
Here's a closer shot of the duck---a decoy!  Why not?!  We did see polliwogs scampering thru the water, so all the wildlife wasn't artificial!
I was intending to get a shot of all the cute chickens and didn't realize till I uploaded the pictures that I captured the guy in the mirror!  He'd be tickled, I'm sure!  See that cute chicken on the left with measuring spoons for tail feathers? Cute!
This booth had LOTS of stenciled signs and linens. Just thought this was in interesting grouping.
Below, see the large water trough turned on it's side as a display tool?  People get so creative with the way they display things and the things they use for displays! I know, from setting up for craft shows, that it's a challenge to get everything out where people can see and appreciate it. Most of these vendors do a fantastic job with that.
And here's a parting shot of a group of vintage flannel shirts and assorted pink toned clothing. that yellow/gold thing in the foreground is a HUGE dough bowl. Or trough maybe?  Not sure what it's intended for, but I'll bet someone had the perfect use for it.
We spent a couple of hours going thru and then going back thru to make sure we didn't miss anything we couldn't live without.  If I hadn't been wanting to get home to check on my dog and if it hand't been sooooo darned hot, we probably could have spent longer looking and probably spent more money! But it was time to leave. Tania got a few things and I think she'll be posting about them soon on her blog, if you want to go check it out.

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Little Vintage Cottage said...

It was a fun day, I love this show... especially since it's so close! And I have to say... I'm so proud of you buying things BEFORE me!! LOL!