Monday, November 25, 2013

Christmas Projects

I run across cute, quick projects while surfing thru blogs all the time and thought I'd just share a couple. These are Christmas themed, since it's almost too late to worry about fall, even though fall is officially still the current season. Christmas seems to come earlier and earlier every year!!

I thought this was a cute project and it looks pretty simple. Instructions and a template are included.

This next project requires a few tools, so it's a little more advanced. But I just LOVE it!  So I'm sharing and apologize if it's too difficult to attempt.

This one's simpler than simple! You just need a bunch of canning jar rings. A thrift shop would be a possible source. But I don't think they're terribly expensive to purchase new. Maybe you or your mom or grandma have a surplus of these that they don't use any longer!

OK, I hope one or more of these ideas inspires someone to create a msterpiece for your Christmas decorating.

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Little Vintage Cottage said...

I love these projects! I've seen both the ruler deer and the canning jar wreath and I love them both too!