Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Happy New Year!!  2014 sounds like something out of a science fiction movie!!
We hadn't intended to stay up till midnight last night. We watched the ball drop at 9:00 our time (midnight NY time), with our civilized neighbors, and didn't really think we needed to wait to see it again. So, off to bed we went.
Well, the other neighbors felt the need for a celebration, so a little while before midnight the fireworks and shotgun blasts began! 
I was concerned about our dog cuz she's a big weenie when it comes to noises like that. So I went out to peek and see if she was still in bed.  Didn't see her, so I guess she scooched back in her house and hid from the noise.  She was a basket case on the 4th of July!  She emerged none the worse for the wear this morning, so all is well!

So that's how I came to be awake to see the new year begin. Gotta tell you----other than a couple of fireworks blasts, it wasn't much to see! LOL!
There are still a few scattered pops and booms going on this morning. Some people just don't know when to let it go! LOL!

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Little Vintage Cottage said...

Happy New Year!! We had lots of gunshots and fireworks too!